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From Our Patrons

I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with Henry’s. I am writing this review after my first visit and I can honestly say that this was the best meal that I’ve had in a very long time. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve had a meal where I felt compelled to personally compliment the Chef. Absolutely Fantastic! I will definitely return.

Christian B.

Henry’s is truly a diamond in the rough. The food is amazing and has not changed in years(We have been going for 10). It is a tight fit, but how often do you get a meal prepared behind the bar!

Keith H.

The waitresses are always fun and understand that space is at a premium - the way the waitresses, busboys and cooks could be described as a culinary ballet! There is a legend that the Lobster Francaise will actually induce labor in pregnant women because it is so good. We actually chose it as my wife's "Last Meal' before we induces labor. The seafood is amazing, so my wife rarely strays from that, but I have somehow been drawn to the amazing WienerSchnitzel! I just ask for a side of warmed crab with drawn butter. They always have specials, but I am truly afraid to leave our standards because they are so amazing. If I could give 6 stars I would! This is one of only 4 places that I go to on a regular basis in the Lehigh Valley

Ok. We just finished eating at Henry’s and the only words that comes to mind are Wow! Wife and I brought our college student daughter her for a good meal. For a Thursday night this place was hopping.

John G.

We got a table fairly quick even without a reservation. I had the clams casino and shnitzel and it was great. Wife had seafood scampi and daughter had chicken parmesan that was also very good. It's amazing the quality of the food coming out of a kitchen smaller then some apartment kitchens. We will be coming back here again. It's the best secret in the Lehigh Valley.

My wife and I love trying unique restaurants that are off the beaten path and unheard of outside the local community. Researching the area I found such the place at Henry’s! The food was fabulous.

Richard S.

We both had Escargot for the appetizer and Lobster Francaise. Francaise is not both our choices but at Joyce's, our awesome waitress, recommendation as the house specialty and reading other reviews we decided to go for it. We were not disappointed, it was not what we were expecting and it was fabulous. If you are undecided while looking over the menu choose the Lobster Francaise, which is not on the menu, but your waitress will tell you about it. The owner is the chef as Joyce mentioned. He cooks right there behind the bar. This was a treat and could tell that his heart was fully into his business which presented itself though his cooking. Joyce too was a pistol, she was awesome with her knowledge and great recommendations and had us always laughing with her spunkiness - ask for Joyce you'll love her.

Henry’s ought to be referred to as an institution. It’s been around forever it seems and it’s never been better. It’s dark, louder than heck, and almost always packed – and with good reason!

Jim D.

The kitchen is right in the middle of the dining area behind the bar. It's quite entertaining watching the cooks and waitresses interact with each so close to you. Speaking of which, the waitresses here are phenomenal! They are some of the best around - in both food knowledge and efficiency. They're pretty spunky too, so that's even better. A little pazazz goes a long way. I can't say enough about their delicious seafood. The food is consistently spectacular in both portion and taste. I really find myself reluctant to go to any other seafood place in the Valley and rarely suggest anywhere else when asked for a recommendation. My personal pick is the Seafood Fra Diavolo. It's more yummy food than you and me could ever possibly eat in one sitting and I love it because of that. This is one of THE best eats in the Valley, hands down.

Congratulations, you’ve just found one of the best restaurants in Allentown, PA–if not the Lehigh Valley. Enter, food explorer, into the old-school, galley-style restaurant that is Henry’s Salt of the Sea.

Paul K.

It's a classic seafood joint, primarily, with buttery lobster francaise, escargot, and turtle soup cranking out from behind the bar on four-burner stove manned by the hardworking chef/owner Brian Krans and his sous-chef, Radar. No, seriously. Radar. Krans also fires up a mean schnitzel, if you're not into the fruits of the sea, which pairs well a cold Lager served in a short glass. The clientele are regulars--some look like they've been coming here since Hess' was open--but the vibe is friendly. The waitresses and bartenders know their stuff. Can your teenage Applebee's waitress rattle off a list of 20 specials? The decor is what ironic hipster throwback joints wish they could be. I mean, look at that freakin' cash register. Take a date here and the paycheck will bite, but it's a classy joint, see? If you're looking for cheap food, head to Ham Fam or something.

Henry’s is consistently fantastic. This has been my favorite restaurant since I was a teenager (which was a darn long time ago) and I come back whenever I’m in the Lehigh Valley.

Jennifer P.

It's very "Allentown"--dark paneling, dark booths and outmoded furniture, colloquial waitresses, you've got the old Allentonians who all know each other, there's a salad bar (with blue cheese dressing that I dream about)...well, I can't quite put my finger on it, but you'd never find this sort of place replicated in any place that calls itself a "towne centre" in the outer burbs. It's charming in its own way. It's a rare visit where I haven't seen a local celebrity--politicians, news anchors, reality show stars who hail from the Valley--so that's amusing, as well. OK, the menu is not adventurous, but so what? Jose Andres doesn't work here. It's still excellently prepared. Have the lobster. Or the crab or anything else on the menu (or off the menu); it's going to be great. My boyfriend is one of the best cooks/biggest restaurant snobs I know and he was impressed. Make sure you get reservations early, particularly if you plan to go on a weekend night. Sitting at the bar is great fun, as well, as it's a prime spot to watch the chefs cooking right there in front of you (well, Henry's is innovative that way--before "chef's tables" and their exorbitant premiums, Henry's chefs cooked for spectators and didn't charge extra).

Looks like an ordinary place from the outside but walking in you are greeted as an old friend by the bartender, Jeff. Inside is a cozy setting (by that I mean small, quaint) and dim lighting.

Steve N.

 I come to find out that I only got a seat at the bar because the couple that usually RSVP'd along with rest of the bar was not able to make it. Jeff introduces himself and then a few of his regulars. Lovely night with them. I got the special of the day - Chilean Sea Bass, potato skins and salad bar. The bass was amazingly crispy on top and soft under. It was heavenly. I don't have many other words other than it was cooked perfectly and that you must try it. There's even a cash register from the 50's that they're still using. A very happy place to be. I hope I get the chance to come back soon.

Like a treasure trove time warp. Some things never change, and sometimes that’s all for the best, as is the case here. Rustic, tidy, classic Allentown feel/decor, excellent service and wonderful food.

Miguel S.

Wonderful food (surf & turf, lobster francaise, plenty of other nice fish dishes, a surprisingly good/small salad bar, etc.). The brown butter they use as a dipping sauce for lobster or lump crab meat is out of this world. Portions are nice, plus you get two sides & the salad bar with meals. Prices are very reasonable given the quality/portions. We must have walked by this place (back when The Shanty was still open) a dozen times before we heard from somebody that it was excellent. Glad we heeded that advice & finally tried it. I love sitting at the bar, but that's pretty tough on Friday & Saturday nights. The guys behind the bar can be real characters, plus they cook the food back there as well. Make reservations for sure.

Great food, Great Chef, Great Bar Tender, Great Staff and the Food is Just The Best !!!!!

Todd G.